Proper spacing is critical to creating scoring opportunities. This  4v4 drill is designed to help players create the space the need to score in congested areas.

Int the clip below Tony Massie, a Celtic Soccer Academy coach, leads a 4 v 4 drill as part of his Attacking in Congested Areas demonstration.  Coach Massie is an experienced coach in youth and academy soccer with his current role as the International Soccer Academy Manager for Celtic Football Club.

This drill is set up with two teams of 4 v 4 on the field.  There are four small goals placed in the corners of the grid and four extra players are used as wall passers with one on each side.  There is a square marked by cones in the center of the grid that is called the central area and both teams must pass through it before trying to score in a goal.

There are several important coaching points in this drill:


Each team needs to have proper spacing on the field in order to be effective and successful.  If players are all on one side or corner of the grid, they are too crowded and not properly spaced out.

Corner goals

The corner goals are set up for players to have multiple ways to score.  Players should be instructed to switch directions and attack a different goal if one is covered.  This is similar in a game to switching the field and point of attack.  If done quickly, there should be open space on the opposite side and a possible numbers advantage with attacking towards goal.

Central area

The central area needs to be a focus point for both teams since they are required to pass through this area before trying to score.  Players need to be actively checking in and out of this space to try and receive passes.  This takes good organization and communication from players to make sure proper spacing is still achieved within the grid.

This drill is just one part of Coach Massie’s presentation. For information about gaining access to his entire presentation, as well as hundreds of other great clinic presentation, click the link Glazier Soccer Clinics.

The video below has audio, so please make sure that your volume is turned up. Click the arrow to play the video.

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