In the video clip below from Glazier Soccer Clinics, Charlie Cooke, Director of Coerver Coaching USA, instructs players on Ball Control Drills during his Creating and Converting Goal Chances demonstration.  There are three grids set up for small groups of players, which could be expanded depending on the total number of players.  The grids or sections are approximately 15 – 20 yards long and 5 yards wide.  One player from each line must sprint to the end of their grid to perform the move that is called out, then sprint back to their line where the next partner follows.

Coach Cooke demonstrates four drills that the players perform during his demonstration:

     1. Outside/Inside rolls

Each player steps on the ball with one foot and rolls it to the outside before bringing the ball back to the inside.  This continuous motion is then repeated with the opposite foot on the opposite side.

      2. Scissors

This move is done by a player moving their foot in front and around the ball, then repeating with the opposite foot in the opposite direction.  This circular motion should be done quickly while keeping good balance.  This is a good move for offensive players to learn and use in games when trying to beat a defender on the dribble.

     3. Step-Over

The step-over is very similar to the scissors move, but involves “stepping over” the ball with the outside or foot farthest from the ball.  This is repeated with the opposite foot in the opposite direction to practice both sides.  This move can be very effective in games with changing directions to get away from a defender.

    4. Messy Run

This drill is done by a player taking short, repeated touches on the ball for every step as they dribble the ball.  Coach Cooke adds an outside foot turn that players use at the end of their grid so they can dribble back and get more touches on the ball.

To gain access to Coach Cooke’s entire presentation, as well as hundreds of other soccer clinic presentations, click the link Glazier Vault.

The video below has audio, so please make sure that your sound is turned on

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