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If you are looking for a new drill to add to your toolbox this season try the Diamond Passing Drill shown below.  This  is a simple yet effective passing drill that will get your players multiple touches



Before you begin Diamond Training, two players should each start at Player 1, 2, 3, and 4 positions with a ball and work on their own, partner and a ball passing.

One player is working while the other passes the ball to either side of the triangle which is simulating a defender.  The player working is moving his feet quickly around the triangle and focusing on technique, doing three reps of quality with his right and three reps of quality with his left before switching with his partner.

Examples of pass types include, Inside Foot One Touch, Inside Foot Two Touch, One Touch Pass Backpedal Two Touch Pass, Outside Foot Two Touch, Laces, Inside Foot Volley, Laces Volley, Two Touch in the Air, and Headers.


 Click the arrow to play this YouTube video. Please note some schools block access to YouTube.

Player 1 plays a firm, weighted ball on the ground to Player 3.  Player 3 shows up to receive the pass on the left side of the triangle from Player 1 and lays the ball off neatly with one touch to Player 2.  Player 2, with hips facing Player 3, plays a firm cut pass to Player 4.  Meanwhile Player 3 is working to get to the other side of his triangle to show up for the ball which should be neatly laid off by Player 4.  Player 4 then makes a run into the space, in behind his triangle or defender, and Player 3 plays a textured, bent ball using inside or outside of foot for Player 4 to run on to.  Player 4 then speed dribbles back to where the sequence began and the pattern is repeated.  All players rotate to the right.

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