In the video clip below Rick Moss, Director of Coerver, instructs players during Game-Like Drills, which is part of his Covering Performance demonstration at a Glazier Soccer Clinic.  Coach Moss is from England and has multiple years of coaching experience with club and youth soccer players.

This drill is set up in a 20 x 20 grid with two small goals that are around 15 yards apart.  There are two groups or teams that start on the side with one ball.  The defensive player makes a short pass into space for the offensive player, then overlaps to get into a defensive position.  The two players then play 1 v 1 with the offensive player trying to score in either of the small goals.

There are several coaching points to make during this drill:

1. Quick and aggressive on offense

The offensive or attacking player always has the advantage when they have the ball.  They need to be decisive and attack the goals at speed and pace.  Simple moves and then changes of speed to create separation are always better than players trying to make multiple moves or beat a defender more than once.

2. Smart defending

The  defensive player needs to be smart since there are two small goals for the offensive player to score.  Closing the ball down quickly and forcing the player in one direction should be top priorities.  Defensive players should be reminded to not dive in, but encouraged to win the ball if the offensive players make a mistake such as a bad touch or losing control of the ball.

3. Finishing

The main objective for the offensive players is to finish or score goals.  Make sure players are not missing wide open shots or trying to rip the nets off the small goals.  Side of the foot passes or shots should be the primary way to score on the small goals.  If players can be consistent in hitting the target and scoring on small goals, it will translate to games and regulation size goals.

The clip below is just a portion of the presentation by Coach Moss. If you would like to gain access to the entire presentation, as well as hundreds of other presentations, click the link Glazier Clinic Vault

The video has audio so please make sure your sound is turned on. Click the arrow to play.


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