A quick effective warm-up is often necessary. Whether it’s between games in a tournament or simply getting ready for the second half of a match, your team needs a routine to prepare them for action.

In the video below Michael Cano of ONEighty Athletics takes you through a five-minute dynamic warm-up that will get your players ready to go full speed.

The sequence of exercises is as follows:

  1. Knee Hug to a Lunge and the Sprint
  2. Rapid High Knees ( 5 yards) and the Sprint (15 yards)
  3. Backwards Lunge then turn and Sprint (10 yards)
  4. Butt Kicks and the Sprint (15 yards)
  5. Walking Hamstrings and Sprint (10 yards)
  6. Lateral Power Step (lead with the right leg) and Sprint (10 yards)
  7. Hamstring Toe Touch and Sprint (10yards)
  8. Lateral Power Step (lead with the left leg) and Sprint (10 yards)
  9. Quick Feet Front to Back and Sprint (20 yards)
  10. Quick Feet Side to Side and Sprint (20 yards)

This dynamic warm-up is part of Coach Cano’s speed program. You can get free access to this eBook by clicking the link Ultimate Speed Training Blueprint

The YouTube video below has audio, so please make sure that your speakers are turned on. Note that some schools block access to YouTube.

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