How can you score more goals? You could improve the individual skills of each player. You could teach your players where to position themselves and where to move  to in order to create scoring opportunities. You could also improve your defense.

In the video clip below Don Williams, head men’s and women’s soccer coach at Feather River College, instructs coaches during a classroom session on The Best Way to Score Goals – Modern Zonal Defending.  He is an experienced collegiate coach that has trained field players and goalkeepers.

Coach Williams makes a few key points during his classroom instruction a recent Glazier Soccer Clinic:

When Going Forward in Transition to Attack: Keep Your Shape Connected

It’s very important for your players and team to stay connected on the field, especially when attacking in transition.  Coach Williams shows a slide where there are lots of passing angles all over the field for a team that spreads out and stays connected.  He goes on to say that a good team will have two passing options and a great team will have three of more passing options every time a player touches a ball.  The team shape is extremely important because of the spacing, but it also provides these multiple options that protect the team both offensively and defensively.

How Good Team Shape in Defense Leads to Good Team Goals in Attack

A good team defensive shape should provide cover and support all over the field.  The key is that all players know their roles and responsibilities in order to effectively play as a unit and team.  This good defensive shape can also lead to more goals when attacking.  If the defensive players are able to defend properly and then build the ball out to offensive players, this is a win-win situation.  The offensive players are not forced to have to come all the way back to help on defense, which saves them energy and extra running.  Also, the offensive players are able to attack as a group and be more effective when trying to score goals for the team.  It’s important for all defenders to know that they play important roles in creating offense and ultimately goals.

For information about how to gain access to Coach Williams’ entire presentation, as well as hundreds of other great clinic presentations, click the link Glazier Soccer Clinics

The YouTube video below has audio, so please make sure that your sound is turned on and that you have access to the site. Note that some schools block access to YouTube.


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