When a player has proper support, he or she will have multiple passing options. The good teams have at least two options, while the really good teams have three or more. Great support leads to more goals.

In the video below Don Williams, head men’s and women’s soccer coach at Feather River College, instructs coaches during his classroom session on The Best Way to Score Goals – Support Each Other.  He is an experienced collegiate coach that has trained field players and goalkeepers. This video was taken from a recent Glazier Soccer Clinic

Coach Williams makes several points during his classroom instruction:

1. Connected Players on the Field


All players on the field during a game should be connected to have proper spacing and shape.  Coach Williams shows a diagram where ten field players are all connected through passing angles.  This is important for players to see so they can understand how important each position is and how it supports the team as a whole.

 2. Perfect Goal


Coach Williams asks a question about what is your perfect goal as a coach.  He says that most coaches would describe their perfect goal as a cross from the outside and either a volley finish or header to score a goal.  His perfect goal is where an individual offensive player dribbles and attacks on his own through the defense to score on his own. This takes out the need for combination play or having to cross a ball from the outside, which is not always hitting the target or spot needed to get a quality shot.

 3. Crossing Production

Most coaches believe that the more crosses you have in a game, the more goals you will score.  This depends on a lot on the team and level of the opponent you are playing, but this idea and belief is not always true.  Crosses in the box are not always targeting players and teams are becoming smarter by getting more players back and working on zonal defending.  Unless a cross is hit to the exact or perfect spot, defenders have the advantage by being able to clear the ball out and stop the scoring opportunity.

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The YouTube video below has audio, so please make sure that your volume is turned up. Note that some schools block access to YouTube.

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