This is a variation of a 4 v 2 Rondo that helps players understand the importance of keeping possessing until they can find a way to move the ball to an open space and penetrate.

In the clip below Tom Mura, from World Class Coaching, animates  this 4v2 Rondo drill that requires players to circulate the ball and also switch the point of attack into an open area and then play it forward to progress the ball.

In this animation Coach Mura is using a 30 x 30 playing field. He creates to “gates”  along each sideline at midfield. The drill is set up with a 4 v2 at each end of the playing area. The ball is put in play at one end. The objective is for the players to utilize great spacing a technical skills to work the ball and move it to an open area so that it can be passed successfully through the gate to a teammate at the opposite end to the field.

After the ball is passed through the gate to the other end, those 4 will work the ball verses 2 defenders and try to create the necessary space and opening to pass the ball through a gate to the other end. Should a defender touch the ball then they would take the place of the attaching player. Alternatively, you could require the defender to win the ball before switching position with the attacker.

As mentioned in the video, this drill is from a World Class Coaching eBook. If you are interested I have included the link to the book here: Tactical Series: Mauricio Pochettino

World Class Coaching offers a wide variety of tools that would certainly help you coach your team. One tool that you may find helpful is their free ebook: 50 Small-Sided Games that Make a Difference

The YouTube video below has audio, so please make sure that your volume is turned up and that you have access to the site. Note that some schools may block access to YouTube.


Here is the link again to the FREE eBook

50 Small-Sided Games that Make a Difference

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  1. I have been having a problem getting my varsity team to switch the play…this was great to place my team in their defensive and attacking positions to make space and pass as in a ‘real’ game


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