Designing offenses and training players to create quality shots is the key to scoring more consistently. The first few seconds after your team wins the ball is the best time to catch the opponent at a disadvantage. If you can teach your team to attack quickly and efficiently after a change of possession you will increase your scoring opportunities.

In the video below Steve McCrath, Head Coach at Barry University, demonstrates a nice 8 v 5 game to work on attacking quickly and producing quality shots.

The drill is part of a collection of drills designed to improve attacking skills and your teams aggressive mindset. If you are interested in DVD that this drill comes from click the link Training Games for Attacking Play

The YouTube video has sound, so please make sure that your sound is turned on and that you have access to the site.

The notes and rules for the drill are posted below the video

The drills is called 8 v 5 unlimited touches. It is played in one half of the field with the same team on offense for 7 consecutive minutes. The drill is designed for the offense to be very aggressive, but still maintain their spacing fundamentals while moving effectively without the ball.

The goal is for the offense to get as many shots on goal as possible in the 7 minutes. Points are awarded for quality shots on goal, corner kicks and goals scored. If the offense gets a throw in, a knew ball is quickly entered at midfield and they attack from that position.

Should the keeper secure the ball, he can clear the ball to midfield and the offense must start a knew possession. He may also choose to outlet the ball and the defense can then possess the ball as long as the can in order to kill time and thus reduce the offense’s scoring opportunities. Anytime the defending team is able to get the ball to the midfield line, they can sub someone out. A new ball would be thrown in and the offense would begin a new possession.

After 7 minutes the teams can switch roles. This is also a good conditioning drill as play is continuous and fast.

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