This post contains a drill that will help to train your players to attack when they have the advantage. This 4v2, 4v3 drill will get teach your players to play direct, limit touches and get proper spacing.

Tony Massie, a Celtic Soccer Academy coach, leads a 4 v 2, 3, 4 drill as part of his Attacking in Congested Areas demonstration at a recent Glazier Soccer Clinic.  Coach Massie is an experienced coach in youth and academy soccer with his current role as the International Soccer Academy Manager for Celtic Football Club.

This drill is set up with four offensive players on one end of the grid and two defensive players on the other end.  The two defensive players pass a ball out to the offensive players, which starts the 4 v 2.  The four players on offense are trying to attack the space behind the defenders by a pass or on the dribble.  The two players on defense are trying to win the ball back by stealing or deflecting it.  This continues with players switching and rotating until a third defender is added to play 4 v 3.  The offensive players are now attacking towards a goal and the defensive players are trying to win the ball to counter attack three small goals set up at the end of the grid.

Coach Massie discusses several important points to focus on during this drill:

1. Play Direct

When your team has a numbers advantage attacking towards goal, you don’t want to be patient and pass the ball around playing possession.  The players need to be very direct in dribbling and passing towards the goal to get a shot and try to score.

2. Limit Touches

The only time an offensive player should be taking more than one or two touches attacking towards goal is if they are trying to beat a defender on the dribble.  The ball needs to be moving quickly to find the open player and best shot.

3. Spacing

If attacking players don’t spread out and have proper spacing when going towards goal, they are giving away their advantage.  Depth and width are two important things to focus on and make it more difficult for the defenders.

This drill is just part of Coach Massie’s presentation. If you are interested in gaining access to his entire presentation, as well as hundreds of other great clinic presentations, click the link Glazier Soccer Clinics.

The YouTube video below has audio, so please make sure that your sound is turned on and that you have access to the site. Note some schools block access to YouTube.

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