The ability to to control the soccer ball is the most fundamental skill in the sport. No matter the the level of play, players must continue to work on their ball control and the necessary footwork. In order to master these skills players need thousands and thousands of repetitions. There are no short cuts. To be a highly skilled player, one must spend countless hours enthusiastically practicing ball control/footwork drills. Our jobs as coaches is to provide them with the appropriate drills, communicate with them how critical these skills are to their development and motivate them to practice diligently.

In the video clip below Beast Mode Soccer Director David Copeland-Smith talks you through his Phase 1 Footwork program. You will see a progression of 15 footwork and ball control drills that he uses in training players. Joining David in this tutorial are pro player’s Ali Riley, Christen Press, Bianca D’Agostino and Tina DiMartino.

For more great ideas on improving soccer skills click the link above or check out the Beast Mode Soccer YouTube Channel for other great video like the one below.

All of the drills in the video are completed in a restricted area using a small box of approximately two yards by two yards.

It is important to stress the following. These drills should be done at a speed in which the player can complete them correctly. Stress the quality of the drill over the speed. Be patient. As the players becomes comfortable with the skill the speed will eventually increase.

The following is a list of the drills covered.

1. Tennis Ball Juggling, 2. Size One soccer ball juggling – low,low,high, 3. Size Five soccer ball juggling – middle, inside, outside of the foot, 4. Toe Taps with pullback, 5. Bells, 6. Sticky Tape, 7. Pull Back Push, 8. Pull Back Push Behind, 9. Step Over Touch, 10. Rolls, 11. Brazillian Toe Taps, 12. Snakes, 13. Sekans, 14. Cryuffs, 15. Dimartino Pull Backs

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