Don’ t neglect the goalkeepers. They need training too. In this post Houston Dynamo, GoalKeeper Coach demonstrates three drills for you to use to train your goalkeepers.

In the clip below Coach Rogers, , leads several drills during his Goalkeeping – Training a Pro demonstration. Coach Rogers is very experienced and has been a goalkeeper coach in the past for the United States Women’s National Team. These drills are designed for professional players, but could be used by high school or any age group of goalkeepers.
Coach Rogers discusses and demonstrates four drills for goalkeepers that can be used during a practice session or a pre-game warm up. There are four players used for these drills, but this could be adjusted as needed based on your numbers.
The four drills that are demonstrated are listed below:

Ball Handling

The goalkeeper working is on one side with three other players directly across and a few yards away. Two of these three players have soccer balls in their hands ready to toss to the goalkeeper working. The objective is for one player to toss a ball at the face on the goalkeeper, who catches the ball with two hands and tosses it to the player without a ball. The second player repeats with the goalkeeper again catching and tossing to the open player. The focus should be on the goalkeeper catching the ball with good hand shape out in front, while having good balance on his or her feet.


The soccer balls are now on the ground and passed from the feet. Once the goalkeeper receives the pass, they trap it and then pass back to the player without a ball. This continues with the goalkeeper focusing on playing two touch and accurately receiving, trapping, and passing the ball.
One Hand Toss
The goalkeeper is now only allowed to catch the ball with one hand and then must use the same hand and motion to toss the ball back to the open player. The purpose of this drill is for the goalkeeper to practice on getting a good touch and feel for the ball. The more comfortable a goalkeeper is handling a ball, the better off they will be when making a save during a game.

Bounce & Volley

The soccer balls are now tossed to the goalkeeper so they bounce towards the feet. The goalkeeper has one touch and must use a side of the foot volley to kick the ball back to the open player. This helps a goalkeeper get reps using their feet and having to adjust to the bounce of the ball. It’s important for all goalkeepers to practice with their feet since there are times where they will have to pass during a game.


The clip below is just a portion of Coach Rodgers’ presentation at a Glazier Soccer Clinic. You would like more information about how to gain access to his entire presentation, as well as hundreds of other great clinic presentations, click the link Glazier Soccer Clinics

The YouTube video below has audio, so please make sure that your volume is turned up and that you have access to the site. Note that some schools block access to YouTube.


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