Breaking the last line of defense and producing an effective attack that creates scoring opportunities is the goal in every offensive system.

In the video clip below Jay Hoffman,Centre College Head Women’s Coach, shows a three-man unopposed passing pattern that lays the foundation to his team’s ability to break the line of defense. The emphasis in this drill is that the players develop a good sense of rhythm when passing, the decision-making based on which foot the player receives with, and how to play based on the type of pressure the player has on their back.By learning when to turn and attack 1v1 and when to check the ball back and the split the defense with a pass, your players will be more effective in attacking to score.

For more information about the DVD that this clip came from click the link Breaking the Last Line of the Defense. The DVD contains several great ideas on to train your players to get behind the last line of defense.

The YouTube video has sound, so please make sure that your sound is turned on and that you have access to the site (Some schools block access to the site)

The set up is as follows. One player is running the end line with two target players at either end. The target players play the ball to the middle player and communicate turn and attack or pass back. The drill is designed to help teach players which foot to receive the ball with depending on how the defense is playing them. If the defense is playing off the player should receive the ball with their front foot. The passer should pass to the side and communicate to their teammate to turn, The receiver should then turn and attack 1v1.

If the defense closes to the pass receiver the ball should be passed to the back foot. The passer should communicate “back” and shorten the distance for the return pass and make a pass downfield to split the defenders.

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