In the video clip below from World Class Coaching, Jimmy Gilligan leads players in a possession drill that is part of his Changing the Point of Attack demonstration.  The drill is set up in a 30 yard grid with two groups or teams of four players each in the middle.  There are two players on each side of the grid with one player from each team.  The players on the outside only have two touches to receive the ball and then must pass it back in to a different player on their team.

There are several important areas to focus on when using this drill:

1. Possession

The main point of this drill that should be stressed to all players is to keep possession of the ball.  There are no goals or directional attacking so it’s a keep away game where teams must move the ball quickly.  Players should be encouraged to play quickly with one and two touch passing.

2. Outside Players

The outside players should be used to help keep possession and also switch the point of attack.  These players are only valuable if they are moving and creating passing angles and options for their teammates in the middle.  Once they receive a pass, they need to already have a good idea of where the ball needs to go.  These players should be trying to play away from pressure into open space in order to keep possession.

3. Communication

This drill does not work and is not very effective without communication from the players on both teams.  There should be talk about where to keep possession and where to find the open space, as well as talk from the outside players when they are open and can give options to their teammates to keep possession.  Lack of talk and communication can always be a big problem if not addressed and this drill gives players a chance to work together and improve in this area.

The YouTube video has sound so please make sure that your audio is turned on and that you have access to the site. Please note that some schools block access to YouTube


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