Here are two drills designed to help create scoring opportunities and score more goals.

In the video below Charlie Cooke, Director of Coerver Coaching USA, instructs players on an Introduction & Warm-Up drill during his Creating and Converting Goal Chances demonstration at  recent Glazier Soccer Clinic.  There are two groups of players that start on opposite sides of grids that are diagonal from each other. The focus is on different passing and receiving drills to get the players warmed up.

Coach Cooke works on two different drills, which are described below:

1.Dribble + Diagonal Pass


The first player on one side of the grid starts the drill by dribbling out towards the middle of their grid, then makes a diagonal pass to the first player from the other line.  This player then repeats the process and dribbles the ball before connecting a diagonal pass back to the second player in line. This continuous movement keeps the passes moving as players rotate to the back of the line where they passed the ball.  Coach Cooke makes the drill a competition after practicing for several minutes to challenge the players. The group that can connect the most passes in one minute wins.

2. First Touch to Space + Diagonal Pass


The second drill involves the same diagonal pass, but the receiving player must take a longer first touch into space towards the middle of the grid before playing the ball back.  This gives the players a chance to work on moving the ball and taking it with them into open space, which would be similar to getting away from a defender during a game. Coach Cooke makes this drill a competition as well to see which group can connect the most passes in one minute.  This drill is more of a challenge for players as they have to react quickly to receive the pass and then have to trap the ball into the proper space and distance.

For information about how to gain access to Coach Cooke’s entire presentation, as well as hundreds of other presentations, click the link Glazier Soccer Clinics

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