Proper warm-ups are necessary for great training sessions and for great performances in matches.  In this video Lee Cullip, Sporting Director of TTI, has his Performance Director lead Warm Up Examples that is part of his Player Centric Development in a Group Environment demonstration. The Technical Institute (TTI) is an advanced soccer education and training organization for players looking to improve their skills and knowledge of the game.

The players are split into two groups that are working inside a small grid on the field. Once the warm-up exercise is called out, the first group starts across the grid followed by the second group. There are a lot of important warm-up activities that include backpedaling, ground sweeps, knee bend and pull, hip circles, knee up and kick, volley and twist, high knees, and butt kicks.

Players at every age should learn how to properly stretch and warm up before practicing or playing, but it’s up to each coach to enforce and make sure this happens. The main purpose of each warm-up is to do exactly what the words say, warm up. All players need to warm up their muscles and joints whether they think they need to or not. Stretching is an important part of any warm up and again, coaches should make sure players are actually stretching and preparing their bodies to practice or play. It’s not uncommon for players to stand around and talk rather than actively stretch and warm up. Another important part of warming up is that is helps prevent injuries. Players can and will get hurt even if they go through an active warm-up, but these chances are significantly reduced by properly warming up and stretching. Coaches can help promote warm-ups by making it an important part of any practice session or pre-game routine. If the proper warm-ups are discussed and demonstrated to players, most kids will catch on and put more focus on warming up before a practice or game.

This clip is just part of Coach Cullip’s presentation at a Glazier Soccer Clinic. For information about how to gain access to his entire presentation, as well as hundreds of other clinic presentations, click the link Glazier Soccer Clinics

The video below has audio, so please make sure your volume is turned up. Click the arrow to play the video.

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