In the video clip below Lee Cullip the Sporting Director of TTI, an advanced soccer education and training organization for players, leads players in a Functional Finishing Drill.  This drill was just part of his presentation at a recent Glazier Soccer Clinic. 

The drill is set up with two different groups of players that are 20 – 25 yards away from goal.  There are training poles and mannequins used to simulate defenders, which could be substituted with cones, corner flags, or other training equipment you may have.  Coach Cullip demonstrates two different finishing drills that he wants the players to follow.  The first involves the right side of the line starting by touching the training pole, checking inside to receive a short pass, and pushing the ball out on an angle around the mannequin to get a shot on goal.  The left side of the line receives a short pass and then pushes ball past the mannequin towards the inside to get a shot on goal.  Both lines go at the same time with players rotating to the back of their same line after a shot is taken.  The final finishing drill involves a side of the foot volley shot after receiving a bouncing ball tossed over the head of each player.

Coach Cullip instructs players on several key points during these drills.  First, the ball should not be pushed too far out when going around or between the mannequins for the shot.  There will not be lots of space during a game and players need to learn to get shots off quickly when beating a defender.  Next, all shots need to be on goal.  It’s important to do the drill properly with the touches and moves, but the final and most important part is the shot.  Make sure players understand that getting shots on goal is more important than trying to hit the upper corners.  Shots that are not on target don’t go in the goal and they also don’t allow rebounds for more shots.  Finally, technique is always the key when shooting.  Players that try to swing extremely hard are usually the least consistent.  Power does not come solely from how hard you swing your leg.  Technique is critical and having good balance, as well as staying over the ball with your body, will always help create better shots.

For more information about gaining access to Coach Cullip’s entire presentation,  and hundreds of other clinic presentation click on the Glazier Clinic Vault.

The clip below has sound so please make sure that your sound is turned on.

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