As coaches we work on lots of things that help our teams win. Ultimately, however, we are striving to simply score goals. As simple as this seems we must not forget to give our players multiple reps finishing and scoring goals. In the Championship Productions video below Brian McMahon,Palm Beach Atlantic University Head Coach, demonstrates a drill that he uses the day before matches to work on finishing. In 2015 Palm Beach Atlantic scored 84 goals and led the NCAA D-II in goals per game.

To learn more about the DVD that this clip came from click on the link Combination Play and Finishing Exercises on Goal

This YouTube video has sound, so make sure your sound is turned on and you are able to access the site.

The set up for this drill is as follows. Two goals are placed at opposite ends of a shortened playing area. The goals should be offset, with on further to the right and the other further to the left.

Players are aligned in a zig-zag pattern leading towards each goal. Five players in each zig-zag line. The drill will run going both directions simultaneously. To picture the pattern. Imagine that the ball is at the center back he will pass to a right wing back, who in turn passes to a center mid. The center mid would then pass to right winger( or 7), who then passes to a 9 that has a shot on goal.

As each player passes the simply follow their pass until the receive the pass to take their shot on goal. After taking their shot, they get in line on the other side and come back the opposite direction. They will pass and follow until the get a shot in goal at the other end.

Typically he has players go until they have scored twice on each end and then he will change the combination of passes before the shot is taken. The combination that you choose to use is up to your imagination. Whatever combination you use, the players will still follow their pass and eventually move into position for the shot.

You can have the players one or two touch if necessary depending on the pass they receive. This is a simple quick way to get losts of touches, shots on goal and work some of your combinations.

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