Drills that simulate game action will help you to build the correct habits in your players. In the video clip below Rick Moss, Director of Coerver, instructs players in a game-like drill that will teach players how to attack and defend in various situations.

The clip is just part of his Covering Performance demonstration at a recent Glazier Soccer Clinic. Coach Moss is from England and has multiple years of coaching experience with club and youth soccer players. For information about how to gain access to his entire presentation, as well as hundreds of other clinic presentation click the link Glazier Soccer Clinics

This drill is set up with four groups of players. One group is on the right sideline, one group is on the left sideline, and two groups are next to each goal post. A coach or extra player that is about 30 yards out from goal in the middle of the field starts the drill by passing a ball out to one of the sides. One of the players receives the ball and then starts attacking diagonally towards the goal. A player on the post comes out to play defense to create a 1 v 1 to goal. Once the shot is taken or the defender wins the ball, a new ball is played out to the opposite side to repeat the process. After multiple reps for each player, the drills progresses to a 2 v 1 to goal with the middle player overlapping the outside player after passing the ball.

This game-like drill is very realistic for players to practice because it can not only happen in games, but it can be very effective if players learn how to properly attack and defend these situations. The outside players in this drill are similar to outside midfielders or forwards. The key for these players is to attack with speed and be aggressive. Make sure these offensive players are not trying to do fancy moves or beat defenders multiple times. A simple move done properly and with a change of speed will always be more effective. The defenders need to practice getting out quickly to close the ball down and not diving in to try and win the ball. The focus should be on cutting down the shooting angle and trying to create the most difficult shot for the offensive player.

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