In this post you will get 4 drills from Houston Dynamo Goalkeeper Coach Paul Rodgers designedto help teach technique and fundamentals to your goalkeeper.

In the clip below, Coach Rodgers leads several drills during his Goalkeeping – Training a Pro demonstration.  Coach Rogers is very experienced and has been a goalkeeper coach in the past for the United States Women’s National Team.  These drills are designed for professional players, but could be used by high school or any age group of goalkeepers.  Also, you can use these drills for a pre-game warm up or in a regular practice session.  The main objective should always be to get your goalkeeper good practice and reps, while continuing to work on the proper techniques and fundamentals.

The four drills that are demonstrated are listed below:

Shuffle and Save

The goalkeeper shuffles around several cones moving forward before a volley shot is taken by a coach or player from 5 – 10 yards away.  This very simple drill gets the goalkeeper practicing on their footwork while finishing with a point blank shot to save.

Side steps and Shuffle

This drill involves the goalkeeper doing side steps over small hurdles, crossing over, and then saving a volley shot.  The goalkeeper is now practicing moving to the side with quick footwork before coming back and saving another shot

Side steps, back pedal, and forward

The goalkeeper now side steps over the small hurdles, then back pedals, and goes forward before saving a volley shot.  This drill is important for goalkeepers to practice moving forward while keeping balance and staying on their toes.

Quick steps, back pedal, and settle in

This drill involves the goalkeeper taking quick steps forward over small hurdles, back pedaling, and then settling in to save a volley shot.  This gives a goalkeeper practice and reps with moving backwards to save shots, which can happen in a game.  There should be a focus on the goalkeeper staying on their toes to make sure they are able to dive either direction depending on the shot.

The clip is just a small portion of Coach Rodgers Goalkeeping presentation at a recent Glazier Soccer Clinic. For information about how to gain access to his entire presentation, as well as hundreds of other great clinic presentations, click the link Glazier Soccer Clinics

The YouTube video below has audio, so please make sure that your sound is turned up. Note some schools block access to YouTube.

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