Playing the ball out of the air, either with a volley or a header, is an important component of a teams offensive attack. Like any skill, learning to execute the volley and the header requires many repetitions. There are many different drills that can be used to give your players the necessary repetitions needed to master these skills.

In order to become efficient scoring using the header and/or the volley your players need opportunities in live play. The need to see the opening develop and recognize the opportunity to use a volley or header.

In the video clip below you will see a simple 3v3 game designed to give your players multiple opportunities to execute the header and volley. The game requires the players to pass the ball using their hands. This is a nice change of pace, your players are likely to have fun with this game.

The clip is from, a great resource for soccer coaches. They have many tools that you might find helpful in coaching for team. For more information about their resources click the link above. To view other soccer coaching video you can also visit the SoccerCoachTV YouTube Channel

The YouTube video below has sound, so please make sure that you have your sound on and that you have access to the site. (Some schools block access to YouTube)

The header volley game is played on a shortened field. The width of the field is also reduced to a few yards wider than the goal on each side. The dimensions may be altered if needed (bigger means more conditioning)

The game is played 3v3 with each team having two target players placed near each post of their goal. Each team will also have a goal keeper. The three players must pass the ball with their hands to move down the field. In order to score a player must receive a pass from one of the target players and either volley or head the ball into the goal.

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