Juggling is important for every player at every level in developing and improving technical skills.  The drill below is courtesy of World Class Coaching and shows an example of players performing a juggling drill during a practice session.  The coach instructs the players to perform several different juggling techniques while working with a partner.

The three juggling exercises performed are explained and listed below:

  1. Juggle + Volley Pass

Each partner starts off by juggling their own ball that are located about 10 yards straight across from each other.  Once the coach blows the whistle, each player must volley the ball across to their partner while not letting the ball bounce and continuing to juggle the new ball.  This repeats each time the coach blows the whistle as players must focus on accurate volleys to their partner.

     2. Juggle + Volley in Air and Ground

This exercise is the same as the first with each partner juggling a ball across from one another, but once the whistle blows, one partner plays a volley pass in the air and one partner plays a volley pass on the ground.  This change adds a mental aspect where the players must now think not only the pass they must make, but also what type of pass they will be receiving.

3. Juggle + Turn & Volley

Both partners are now on the same side of the grid with one player going at a time.  One partner juggles on the move across the grid, then turns and volleys the ball in the air back to their partner once they reach the other side.  The second partner then follows and repeats the process once they receive the volley pass.  The goal is to keep the ball in the air the entire time and not let it hit the ground when juggling across or passing it back.

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The YouTube video has audio, so please make sure that your sound is turned on and that you have access to the site. Some schools block access to YouTube


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