Charlie Cooke, Director of Coerver Coaching USA, instructs players on a Larger Scale Shooting drill during his Creating and Converting Goal Chances demonstration at a recent Glazier Soccer Clinic.  This drill is set up with four small goals (two on each end) in a 30 x 30 grid.  There are two teams with the groups split up on each side of the field, as well as one player or coach that is responsible for passing the balls out to start the drill.  

The first activity is 1 v 1 with each player having to sprint around one of their defensive goals before coming out in the middle of the grid.  The player that receives the ball is required to pass the ball one touch to their opponent for the 1 v 1 to begin.  Both players are trying to score in one of their offensive small goals.  Once a goal is scored or the ball goes out of bounds, the next set of players begin.  The game then progresses to 2 v 2 and 3 v 3 on the field with wall passers on each end.  The ball must be passed into a wall passer and received back before a shot can be taken on goal.

There are several important areas to focus on with this drill:

  1. Everyone defends

It’s important that every player understands that they must defend on the field.  Even your forwards need to understand how to properly play defense and learn how to stop or slow down attacking players.

     2. Quick counter attacking

The transition from offense to defense and defense to offense happens constantly during a soccer game.  It’s good experience for players to learn how quickly the transition must happen in order to be effective and successful.

      3.Wall passer as forward

The wall passers are simulating forwards and players need to understand that in this drill.  During a game, the possession should be focused on trying to get the ball into the forwards and then supporting these players to attack in numbers.

The Youtube video below is just a small portion of Coach Cooke’s clinic presentation. For information about gaining access to his entire presentation, as well as hundreds of other great clinic presentation click the link Glazier Soccer Clinics.

The clip has sound so please make sure your volume is turned up. Please note that some schools block access to YouTube. If you are having trouble viewing from school, please contact your network administrator.

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