To be successful in the attack, you need more than just your forwards making attacking runs. Your midfield players need to expose the space from the opposition’s back line as well. Jay Hoffman, Centre College Head Women’s Coach, believes that “if you win the midfield, you are going to win games”

In the video clip below Coach Hoffman explains a drill that he uses to train his three-player midfield and two outside backs to combine and connect to his three forwards to attack successfully. The drill is played 5v2 in the midfield, 3v1 in the attacking third and a goalkeeper.

The drill is from a complete DVD designed to help you train your midfielders to help break the last line of defense and create a numbers up situation going to goal. The DVD includes the following:
1. Learn a unctional warm-up for midfield play that focuses on splitting defenders with the pass and making overlapping runs
2. Learn the movement and supporting angles needed to link the midfield and forwards together
3. Learn how to train players to read defensive players and make decisions based on their positioning

For more information regarding this DVD please click the link Using the Midfield to Break the Last Line of Defense

The YouTube video below has sound so please make sure that your sound is turned on and that you have access to the site. (Some schools block access to YouTube. You may need to contact your network administrator)

Coach Hoffman’s drill is set up as follows. Three forwards are placed in a a 15 yd side zone that begins about 20 yds from the goal. The three forwards must remain in their zone unless a ball is played behind them and they can run into to score. There is just one defender in the box with them plus a keeper in goal.

Beyond the 15 yard wide box, he places two attacking and one holding midfielder in a triangle and places two outside backs along each sideline.

The drill begins by having the goalkeeper play a long ball that the midfielders must knock down and posses. They will then play 5 v 3 in the midfield looking to make a pass so that one of the forwards can make a run.

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