The video clip below is from a recent Glazier Soccer Clinic. In the video, Lee Cullip, Sporting Director of TTI, leads players in a 3 v 3 (1 Touch Finish) drill that is part of his Player Centric Development in a Group Environment demonstration.  The Technical Institute (TTI) is an advanced soccer education and training organization for players looking to improve their skills and knowledge of the game.

The drill is set up with two teams of 3 players (6 total) plus one neutral player that plays offense and attacks for each team.  The field is approximately 30 yards long with two small goals on each end.  The ball is played in from the side once it goes out of bounds or needs to be restarted, which a coach or player could do depending on your numbers.  The teams are attacking in opposite directions towards their attacking goal, but a goal is only counted when it’s a one touch finish.

Coach Cullip instructs both teams to try and focus on playing the ball behind the back lines to try and break down the defense.  He demonstrates how a ball can be played from the back towards a central player, then passed or flicked on with one touch so it splits defenders.  Also, Coach Cullip discusses that playing back is ok as long as it is for a purpose and to keep possession.  If there is pressure from a defender or no room to turn for an attacking player, then play back to keep possession of the ball.  Finally, both teams should focus on and be encouraged to play quick when they have the ball.  The neutral player creates a man up advantage, but if the ball is moved slowly or dribbled too much, the defense can react and still be effective.  Both teams should be playing in one or two touches and only taking more touches if they are in the attacking third and trying to beat a defender.

This drill is just one example of the the information shared in Coach Cullip’s presentation. For information about gaining access to his entire presentation, as well as hundreds of other clinic presentations, click the link Glazier Vault  

The video has sound so please make sure that your sound is turned on.


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