Do you need to get your players more touches? Do you need to work on possessing the ball? Do you need to work on defending? Do you need to add some variety to your sessions? The Pass Move and Defend drills can accomplish all of that.

In the video below Tony Massie, a Celtic Soccer Academy coach, leads his Pass, Move, & Defend Drill as part of his Defending as an Individual and in Pairs demonstration at a Glazier Soccer Clinic.  Coach Massie is an experienced coach in youth and academy soccer with his current role as the International Soccer Academy Manager for Celtic Football Club.

This drill is set up by splitting players into three groups with four players on each team.  Each group will need a different color in order for the players to separate themselves on the field.  Coach Massie instructs each team to start passing and moving within their grid as a warm up before the drill begins.  Once he calls out one of the team colors, that team of four sends two players each to the other two grids to play defense.  The drill now becomes two separate 4 v 2 games with the four players playing keep away inside their grid and the two defenders trying to win the ball and then go score in one of the small goals placed on the field.  Once the defensive players win the ball, they go back to their original grid and a new color is called out to repeat the process.

There are several coaching points that Coach Massie makes during this drill.  First, the defensive players should be making a quick transition once they hear their team color called.  This is important to not give the offensive team extra time, plus it puts pressure on them to play quicker and not make mistakes.  Next, he instructs the two defenders to cover each side of the grid that they are defending.  The purpose of this is keep proper spacing while working together to win possession of the ball.  Finally, he talks to the defensive players about not getting split.  The two defenders should make it a priority to stay connected and not get split with a pass by the offensive players.  This goes along with spacing, but is very important because it keeps the players moving together and trying to cut down passing angles.

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The video below has audio, so please make sure that your sound is turned on. Click the arrow to play the video.

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