Here is a great possession game with a twist. Players must possess the ball and attempt to pass the ball through a central target area.

In the video below Tom Mura from World Class Coaching animates a possession game from the Man City Youth Academy. The drill is played 7 v 7 in a large playing area (50×50). The size may vary depending on the skill of the players. The larger the area, the easier the drill will be. Using a smaller area calls for a higher degree of skill.

In the center of  the playing area you will create a  10×10 target area. The attacking team will work to possess the ball and create a window in which they can pass the ball through the target area.

He offers the following progressions:

  1. The ball must be dribbled to the target area
  2. The ball must be passed to a player the runs into the target area.

The drill may also serve as a great defensive training session where you can work on denying the ball to the center of the field. This will  allow you to stress the importance of pressure, cover and balance with your team.

The YouTube video below has sound, so please make sure that your volume is turned up and that you have access to the site. Note that some schools block access to YouTube.

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