In the clip below from World Class Coaching, Jimmy Giligan leads players in a crossing and shooting drill that is part of his Quick Play In and Around the Box demonstration.

The drill is set up on a regulation size field starting around 40 yards away from the goal. The play begins with a short pass between two players at the top of the grid. The receiving player turns with the ball and passes it out wide into space where an outside mid type player is making a run. While this pass is going to the outside, the player takes a long shot from the middle of the field, then continues his run to receive a cross from the outside player and tries to score. While the ball is being passed to the outside, a player on the opposite side of the field is weaving through poles and then over small hurdles in a footwork and agility drill. This player then sends in a cross from a pass which goes into the middle player after taking a shot from the first cross.

The drill then continues with the next players in each line performing the same roles. This drill is beneficial during a training session or a warm up before a game because there are multiple players involved. The player passing to the outside and taking the shots could be a forward or center midfielder, which is realistic to possible plays during a game. The outside players could be outside midfielders or outside backs that work the sidelines and get the crosses into the box. Coach Giligan instructs players to play quickly throughout the drill in order to keep the pace of play high and make the drill similar to a game like situation. This is important to note because if players are going through the motions or not playing quick enough, the drill is not very beneficial because there are no defenders involved.

The YouTube video below has audio, so please make sure that your volume is turned up and that you have access to the site. Note that some schools block access to YouTube.

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