Here is a drill that works on possessing the ball and looking for penetration while also including a transitional piece

In the video below Bobby Muuss, Wake Forest University Head Men’s Soccer Coach (2016 NCAA College Cup Runner-up), describes his 5 v 2 Reactions Drill.

Coach Muus explains that this drill can be played on a grid ranging in size from 6×6 to 8×8. Four players are placed outside the grid. A central midfielder is placed and two defenders are placed in the grid. The goal is for the 4 outside players to possess the ball and attempt to play the ball into the central midfielder in an attempt to switch the point of attack. If the defenders gain possession, it is the job of the four outside players and the central midfielder to win the ball back.

The drill is played in one minute intense segments. The goal is to play the ball into the middle and then out to a third player as many times as possible. Coach Muus makes this competitive my setting up two grids and having two teams of five competing. A point is earned each time the ball is played to the middle and out to a third players. He usually plays four 1 minutes segments.

In the first part of the clip below coach diagrams and explains the drill and then in the second part of the clip you get to watch the drill executed in a live practice.

This drill is just a sample from Coach Muus’ coaching DVD. For more information about the DVD click the link Open Practice: Possession for Penetration

The YouTube video has audio, so please make sure that your speakers are turned on and that you have access to the site. Note that some schools block access to YouTube.

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  1. I’d try 3 closest to recovery when losing ball with pass out to 2 outside grid for awareness. Giveing credit for this awesome drill then I’m owning it😄

    • After doing this with my team, I thought the same. I’d use your suggestion as a transition to the original drill. The two players will already “be there” but when they all go in, they have to learn to “get there” (outside looking in).


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