This video clip from World Class Coaching shows an example of scoring goals from high pressure defending with two professional soccer teams.  There are several important areas that are shown during this video clip as the keys to being successful with high pressure defending.

1.Close short pass lines in final third

The defending team presses the offensive team in their final third of the field.  They are trying to take away any close and short passes from the offensive team so they are forced to clear the ball out deep or to an area the ball can be taken away.

2. Recover possession in middle third

The goal of the pressing defensive team is to win the ball back in the middle third.  This allows them to quickly counter attack in a dangerous area while hopefully cutting out several different players.

3. Quick combination passes to attack

Each offensive player must pass and move quickly in order to keep the counter attack going.  They should constantly be looking for open space and areas to attack through combination play that stretches the defensive team.

4. Attack in space behind defensive line

The space behind the defensive line is the area teams want to attack because it is not only close to their attacking goal, but it forces the defensive team to turn and run towards their goal.  This space is critical for offensive teams to find in order to have success in the final third.

5. Positional advantage of forwards

The forwards must constantly work together and stay connected during a game.  If one forward is making a run into space for a potential cross, the other forward should be moving into space for a pass and try to capitalize on a goal scoring opportunity.  The spacing and shape of your forwards is critical to having success from high pressure defending.

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