Ball control, receiving and passing are skills that players of levels must continue to master. In the video clip below, Ian Barker, Director of Coaching Education, NCSA. Currently serving as the NSCAA’s Director of Coaching Education, demonstrates two different Triangle Passing Drills utilizing groups of four players. Both drills are excellent game like drills that provide the opportunity for several touches in a short amount of time. The first drill requires players to pass and then follow their pass and the second drill is a progression of the first drill that allows for a give and go situation.

The first drill has several variations and includes ways to work on several fundamental skills. The second drill starts at about the 3 minute mark on the video and is a give and go drill.

For more information about similar type drills to improve skills click the link Small Group Skills & Activities for Soccer

The YouTube video has sound, so please make sure that your sound is turned on and that you have access to the site (some schools block access to YouTube)

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  1. I am a great proponent of Triangle passing one point I would make my players from young upwards an re taught when recieving the ball to let the ball go across the body to far foot..did not see the coach correct this at any time


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