The inside of the foot is the most utilized sides of the foot and therefore the most important to learn early in a players development

In the video clip below Pro Coach Ian Sayers and all-time great player Mia Hamm discuss the importance of learning to control the ball with the inside of the foot.

The clip also contains a demonstration of a ball control drill that they call The Shadow Play Drill.

Key Coaching Points include

  • Stay light on your feet and balanced
  • Keep the ball prepared in front of you so that it is ready for service
  • Use inside of foot to change directions
  • When you change direction also change speed
  • Get on the opposite side of the ball

This clip is from a complete training course with Mia Hamm on CoachTube. For more information about this course click the link World Cup Soccer with Mia Hamm

The video below has audio, so please make sure that your speakers are on. Click the arrow to play

CoachTube | Coaching and Instructional Videos on Demand – Footwork 1 from on Vimeo.

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