To be a successful and play faster a soccer player must master the basic fundamental skills of the sport. Passing effectively over short and longer distance, whether in be on the ground or in the air, is a crucial skill for soccer players to master.

In the video below Corbin Stone, former womens head coach at Drake University, explains and demonstrates the basic mechanics for different techniques used to pass the ball over distance. This video is just a sample of a DVD that includes additional information. If you would like to learn more about the DVD that this clip comes from click the link Technical Skills for Soccer: Passing and Receiving

The YouTube video has sound, so please make sure that your sound is turned on and that you have access to the site.

Coach Stone explains that in order to pass the ball along the ground a player my use on of two techniques. If the ball is to be passed over a short distance, the player should open their ankle and knee and strike the ball with the inside of their foot. He states that this is the best technique because it is more accurate.

In the event that a player wants to pass the ball along the ground over a greater distance and with pace, they should strike the ball with the laces.

The key teaching points are as follows:

1. Approach more straight (a more shallow angle)
2. Point the toe down
3. Lock the Ankle
4. Plant foot not to close
5. Strike the middle of the ball
6. Keep the over the ball (do not extend)
7. Follow through towards target

The kick is smooth and controlled. By keeping the ball on the ground get the ball their quicker and is much easier for the receiver to control the ball. This allows the team to play faster.

To get air on the ball the player should place plant foot further from the ball, swing from the hip and get their foot under the ball.

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