Good play by your goalkeeper can make or break your season. In order for the team to be successful you must continue to develop their skills.

In the video clip below Paul Rogers, Goalkeeper Coach for the Houston Dynamo, discusses Set Shape and Catching Drills as part of his Technical Breakdown of a Goalkeeper demonstration.  

Coach Rogers is the former Goalkeeper Coach for both the United States Women’s National Team and the Canada Women’s National Team.  He has also coached at the collegiate level and played semi-pro and professional soccer.

These drills are just part of Coach Rogers presentation at a recent Glazier Soccer Clinic. In order to gain access to the entire presentation  and hundreds of other great soccer coaching presentations click the link Glazier Clinics Vault. If you are interested in attending a Glazier Soccer Clinic in person click HERE to find one near you.

The video below has sound, so please make sure that your sound is turned on.

Coach Rogers demonstrates Set Shape, which is the starting position for all goalkeepers.  The goalkeeper should have their feet about shoulder width apart with a slight bend in the knees.  The hands should drop down naturally, then back up so they are in a ready position.  Coach Rogers stresses the importance of coaches not instructing their goalkeepers to be on their toes.  This forces the goalkeeper to be leaning forward a little and not in a natural position.  If a shot is taken and they are on their toes, they will naturally go backwards as their heels come back down to the ground.

A catching drill is discussed and demonstrated that focuses on the Set Shape position.  There are three rings set up in a triangle with the goalkeeper starting behind them.  A coach or player with a ball is about 10 yards away ready to kick a volley at the goalkeeper.  Once this coach or player starts to kick the ball, the goalkeeper should be moving forward with both feet in the first ring, then one foot in each of the other two rings as they save and catch the ball.  The purpose of the rings is to ensure the goalkeeper’s feet are the correct width apart.  Most young goalkeepers make the mistake of having a narrow stance.  This drill is a very simple way for goalkeepers to practice the fundamentals of the Set Shape position while catching live shots.

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  1. Been looking forever for a video describing why a goalkeepers hands need to be up instead of down by their knees when setting! Great video.


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