Heading a soccer ball can be an effective offensive skill. Having players that are skilled at taking the ball out of the air and heading it into the goal will increase your teams scoring opportunities.
In addition, heading a soccer ball can also be an effective way to defend.

Whether it be for offense or defense it is important the proper fundamental in heading a soccer ball. In the the first video clip below USA Volleyball star Abby Wambach, renowned for her ability to score with a header, demonstrates a teaching progression that is designed to help players learn how to head a soccer ball.

In the second clip from soccerclinics.com you will see a simple game/drill that will give your players an opportunity to practice heading a soccer ball to score.

For other great volleyball teaching videos you can like the heading progression drill go to ProTips4U’s YouTube Channel You can also visit www.soccerclinics.com or the SoccerTV YouTube Channel for other soccer coaching tools like the heading game.

Heading Progression Drill

Heading Game

The teaching progression for heading a soccer ball is as follows.
1. Laying face down and heading a ball back to your partner using only your neck.
2. Player assumes a “crab position”, supporting themselves with their hands and feet. The player will use the power in his/her hips and neck to head the ball back to their partner.
3. Player is on their knees. Arms extended as if reading a newspaper. When the ball is tossed, the player will head the ball back. The keys are to keep the elbows in and drive them back as they head the ball. The player should fall forward on to their hands after heading the soccer ball.
4. Player stands with one foot in front of the other. The arms are in front as in the previous drill. Again drive the elbows back as the ball is headed to the partner.

5. Player stands and the ball is tossed high enough that the player heading the soccer ball must jump up to do so.

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